The reason and reality – update


With the support of my good friend Pemba in Namche Bazaar I managed to get a helicopter directly from NB to Kathmandu which in my current state of health saved a lot of walking.

Dropping down to 1400 metres had a strange affect on me as you loose the coolness of the mountains as the heat of the city sets in.

Unfortunately even after a few days of leaving Base Camp I am feeling a lot worse in myself – I still feel the chest infection – I’m dizzy on occasions and even the tightening around my chest has remained though it has settled slightly. I have other complications which I won’t go into detail but I think the bug I’ve picked up is still working it’s magic.

How I feel mentally in myself is a real mixture – I work on reality to except that there is no way in my current health that I should be anywhere near the expedition team for my own health and indeed theirs. I have a bug! so it would be unfair for me to be disrupting their own attempts on Everest. On other expeditions I have pushed my way through sickness but this is different – this is a static community at Base Camp – eating and living together under close proximity of each other.

Here in KTM I am preparing for the obvious really. My time is so limited in feeling 100% – when ever that will be and then looking to get my mountain legs on again to do a first ascent followed by a few days off to do a final ascent.

3 weeks might sound enough time but when you break it down then the reality is just too obvious.

To be honest I am worried – not about Everest as I think my time is up but more so about my health. My first port of call on the way back from the Khumbu Ice fall was the Base Camp medical centre who set up the ECG for me and I think I might head straight to the doctors on my return to the UK.

So what now! which to me is such a funny thing to write as the mission statement for Expedition 8848 is;

“ To create the most extreme classroom environment on the planet involving 1 million students world wide”

The ascent was the show the education is the reason.

I have a tremendous responsibility to work with our education team in the UK and to portray the honesty behind what has happened on the journey so students can understand the modern day exploration.

Our commitment will be for at least another month to post lesson plans, films, articles, live calls to schools and Scout groups. Our messages remain the same for students to respect themselves and the planet – to think differently and to have fun!

After the month we won’t stop as we still have this link to students and teachers so another phase will be added to link directly to the NEXT EXPEDITION. My life is about engaging young people with the environment so the illness I have is just a blip! in the wider scope of things.

My part on the mountain I feel has unfortunately had it’s day ( updates to come) but the engagement with the global community of students / the next generation who will feel the full impact of climate change is very much still alive.

Always a little further – PV

Author: Mark Wood

An established polar explorer and adventurer who operates within the extremes of our planet. His next expedition to Mount Everest will involve students from around the globe - this journal was set up to link directly with the teachers, students and the scouts who are involved in the journey.

2 thoughts on “The reason and reality – update”

  1. Your health is more important than any mountain .You also have a job in the UK too do with the students ,So you havent finished yet ,The journey continues .All the best Roy


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