The Naming of Everest

By George Manley – Expedition 8848 Artist

Everest Historical Moments Series

1 Naming of Everest

Peak 15 was first named in 1865, it was named after Sir George Everest who was the leader of the great survey of mapping all of India and Nepal. The sad fact is that George Everest never ever saw Mt Everest.

This is not the real name of the highest mountain in the world, the local Nepalese and Tibetan people who have lived in the Himalaya for thousands of years have their own names.

The Tibetan name is “Chomolungma” this translates as “ Mother Goddess of the World” or “ Home to the Goddess of the Wind “.

The Nepalese name is “ Sagarmatha” this translates as “forehead touching the sky” or “Head in the sky”.

Author: Mark Wood

An established polar explorer and adventurer who operates within the extremes of our planet. His next expedition to Mount Everest will involve students from around the globe - this journal was set up to link directly with the teachers, students and the scouts who are involved in the journey.

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