Crossing the pass

I have been trekking for about 7 days now and today was literally the cross over point. Last night I trekked 4 hours to Thorung High Camp at 4925 metres. After a sleepless night watching the snow falling outside my window I packed up at 04.30am and headed out into the dark snowy night.

It was grim! Cold and wet. But the option was clear – keep moving! I crossed the high point of the pass at 8am – at 5416 metres. I was wet through with sweat but the movement of my body mixed with the sun on the far side of the pass should warm me dry.

The descent was the worse bit for me ( an old man of 51) – I suddenly realised where my knees were as the 1800metres drop hit them hard. I always carry sticks for these sort of moments and after a hot shower in the town of Muktinath 3670 metres I feel back to normal again.

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