True Survival

After sending out the 8848 Newsletters to each of the teachers involved in linking with me on the Everest – I inturn received a lot of emails back wishing me well and asking all types of questions. One of these questions really struck a cord with me. The teacher who emailed said that her students wanted to know what I thought True Survival mean’t?

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BBC online / RGS article

Stark images of Shackleton’s struggle

Marks note on the following article; this has been taken from the BBC article online to show the 8848 students how important it is to capture the moment of an expedition. If it wasn’t for Shackleton employing Frank Hurley as the expedition photographer then the epic story of survival would have been diluted through time…

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BBC Top Gear Special – the photo

In 2007 I was asked to support guide the Top Gear team on their polar special. I spent a week with Richard Hammond in Resolute Bay – high arctic Canada training for the expedition. Soon after the two other presenters James May and Jeremy Clarkson came out to begin their own type of preparation.

Taken by myself at the pole.

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