Where ever I travel to around the world I’m not keen on buying souvenirs from shops to remind me of a trip. There isn’t many shops at the North Pole but at the South Pole I have to admit I did buy a T shirt from the post office at the Amundsen / Scott base.

I usually like to pick up things along the route;

I have bottle ICE ( now water) from the North / South poles, I have a polar tooth give to me by an Inuit on my first expedition, there are cylinder caps from my Everest ascent- speedo and peddles from crossing the USA and a Nepalese board game given to me by a captain in their army as he helped us get out of an avalanche a few years ago and a few other things that I keep safe at home.

Today I spotted a catapult hanging on the wall of a lodge – the owner had made it to scare monkeys away from eating his food. In the picture you can see the next stone waiting…

When I was leaving the owner gave the catapult to me which was really kind. However, tonight is the night for the monkeys to make their move / he is unarmed!!

Author: Mark Wood

An established polar explorer and adventurer who operates within the extremes of our planet. His next expedition to Mount Everest will involve students from around the globe - this journal was set up to link directly with the teachers, students and the scouts who are involved in the journey.

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