Last day at home

Tomorrow I head to Nepal to begin the training and filming for the  expedition in 2019. / – over the next few weeks I will be working with my Nepalese team trekking in remote areas to improve on my fitness and to test equipment.

The lead cameraman on next years trek will join me a week in to the training to shoot some short films for Lonely Planet Kids and SKYPE in the Classroom. These films will be apart of the 10 lesson plans the key teachers will receive for signing their schools up to the expedition.

Not forgetting the International Scouting movement who are also involved with the journey (hello to my local group of Pillerton) – the Scouts have a special day coming up in a few weeks time and I will be doing a film for them too.


Going on expedition is my work / my passion so today I am of course excited – however, I am leaving my two best friends at home.

The brown dog in the banner picture is called Ceara and she is a mix of collie and lurcher – she is about 8 years old. The black dog is 4 years old and is called Pop / Poppy – she is a collie/ hound- so when she is happy she howls! which is nice.

Both dogs were on the streets as strays and through the Dogs Trust they came into my life. When I’m at home I spend as much time as possible with them – I have a favourite cafe in Stratford-upon-Avon where they sit next to me as I work on my computer. All of the staff in there know them really well now – so they get fussed a lot.

So tomorrow is a mix of emotions – hopefully you can join me on the journey over the next few weeks – enjoy reading the blogs and hopefully I will receive some questions from you.

If you have a picture of your dog then send it to me.

today’s walk…

Author: Mark Wood

An established polar explorer and adventurer who operates within the extremes of our planet. His next expedition to Mount Everest will involve students from around the globe - this journal was set up to link directly with the teachers, students and the scouts who are involved in the journey.

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