True Survival

After sending out the 8848 Newsletters to each of the teachers involved in linking with me on the Everest – I inturn received a lot of emails back wishing me well and asking all types of questions. One of these questions really struck a cord with me. The teacher who emailed said that her students wanted to know what I thought True Survival mean’t?

Survival can be associated to any forms of your life, coping with the pressures of education, work, family or just living within society. We all have our challenges and breaking points. It’s how you focus and deal with each situation that builds your survival skills. Never feel you are alone under pressure – there is always somebody who is willing to support you.

On expedition its not really that different, each journey you do gives you more and more experience which then allows you to cope with difficult situations.

On my solo to the South pole I felt tremendous pressure very early on in the journey – I was on the brink of giving in but after one phone call with a friend in the UK I found my self continuing south. I was in the middle of no where and I seeked support.


To answer the teachers question on what I feel True Survival is I wanted really to combine exploration with the journey of normal life. How do you cope, refocus and hopefully survive. Below is my answer – the key point is highlighted;


” it’s wonderful to hear that the students are about to display their,  True Survival project for their parents and community members. For me survival begins within – I have trained in the military, in rescue teams and have led over 35 expeditions world wide – the people who find it difficult to cope are the ones that let their ego take control. If you have a respect for yourself and the environment you then have a fighting chance of getting out of the situation” 

Everything else about surviving can be learnt through practice – like navigation, shelters – nutrition and movement as a team. Well done to all of the students involved with this project – if you decide in the future to step into the Freezer! as I have done then please contact me for support.” 


Author: Mark Wood

An established polar explorer and adventurer who operates within the extremes of our planet. His next expedition to Mount Everest will involve students from around the globe - this journal was set up to link directly with the teachers, students and the scouts who are involved in the journey.

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