Chasing the weather

Day 3 Chame (2710m)

As we set off on the trail for only our 2nd full days walking my legs felt really stiff- I had slept well the night before but as per my previous post it’s going to take a few days to get my mountain legs working again.

We pretty much climbed all morning following steep trails through green forests – the route seemed endless. On the side of our tracks we found fresh strawberries which were tempting however I was reluctant to eat them as I still have my sensitive European stomach.

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It’s always tough at the beginning

Day 2 and the sun is shining again – luckily I have bought my umbrella- people always laugh at me for packing this but it’s great if the sun is on you and you don’t need water proofs in the rain – not so good in the Arctic or on top of a windy mountain not matter where you are in the world.

I sweat constantly for the first 4 hours of the trek – I also feel unconditioned at the moment. My legs are tired and…well the list is long! The problem is everything you do is always tough at the beginning- all the students and scouts I speak to I tell them to persevere- stay in there and after a short while things get better – you make new friends or you understand more about your scout group or in my case you get fitter as the days go in.

I met a lady with a small chick in her shop – we sat and drank tea for awhile and played with the little fella.

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