8848 – BADGES

The Expedition 8848 badges have arrived. I will be using 10 of the 50 ordered for my clothing and equipment – the other 40 will still go on expedition with me and will be carried to the summit of Everest in 2019. When I get back I intend to run a competition to win the badges along with signed photographs from the trip for all the schools / Scouts who have signed up for the journey.

So keep following and let me know hat you think of the badges. http://www.expedition8848.com



A good friend, Ryan Scarratt and myself decided to walked over 300 miles from the North to the South of Iceland as part of The University of Warwick / UK education programme. We carried our equipment in a one wheeled trailer attached to a waist harness  – designed by MONOWALKER DESIGN

You can read more about the journey here      – let me know what you think!